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Terms of Use

1. Scope

1.1 incurvy provides users with free information on „products“, „offers“, „partner shops" and other content supplied by third parties („partner shops“) at and If a user has created a profile, she/he can become a part of the incurvy community by uploading images with idividual outfits (also by adding products from incurvy) and commenting on outfit ideas of other members.
1.2 These Terms apply to all users of that service.

2. Offers and Agreements

2.1 incurvy compiles information of products from partner shops (including product descriptions, prices, sizes, availabilities, discount promotions etc.) with links to partner websites. These information are allowed to be used by users only for private purposes. Prices, availabilities, discount promotions can be higher, lower or changed by interim updates of the partner shops. A real-time update of prices is not possible for technical reasons. Decisive are always the prices and details on merchant site or partner shop. For this reason, deviations between product information on incurvy and the current offer of the partner shop are possible. The listed offers are not offers from incurvy. Agreements for the purchase of the products displayed in the offers are completely between the user and the shop patners
2.2 Incurvy is not responsible for the websites of its partners or any third party websites which may be referred to in the offers. We have no influence on the design or content of the linked pages and their subpages.
2.3 If the user is interested in a product, incurvy redirects the user to the website of the partner shop, submitting that offer. An agreement between a user and a shop partner is concluded when a user has placed an order with the partner shop. If a purchase comes about, the user has to check the general requirements and information specifically and indenpendently. Insofar Terms of Service of the partner shop apply. Thus, the contact person (for any question and information such as returns, orders, etc.) is always the partner shop.

3. Warranty and Liability

3.1 incurvy makes no warranty as to the content, correctness, lawfulness, quality, completeness or suitability of the products, the user has purchased at the partner shop. Thus, the general terms and conditions of the partner shops come into place.
3.2 incurvy tries to provide its service free of technical errors, it reserves the right to resolve technical problems as and when necessary and in a specific time frame.
3.3 incurvy makes no warranty as to the functional suitability and compatibility of partner shops or systems.
3.4 The links that are mentioned on incurvy are generally provided by third parties. incurvy is not responsible for the content of websites that are linked and referred to. In that regard, any liability for any damages in connection with the use of the offered information is excluded. This applies to all outgoing links from incurvy and for all that refer to incurvy. For linked pages applies that unlawful content was not visible at the time of linking.
3.5 incurvy offers the possibility to communicate in the incurvy community. We do not take over any liability for comments, statements or information that are generated by users.
3.6 incurvy does not warrant that the products displayed in the offers can be purchased at the published prices from the partner shops.

4. Copyright

All information, data, search results, images, texts and other expressions on incurvy are protected by copyright under the Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz). The copying, distribution and modification of the information/content in part or in whole is not permitted without the express written consent of incurvy – it is illegal and will be pursued under the copyright laws. Copyright protection enjoy e.g. trademarks, company names, logos, image copyrights, company names, logos or product names. The offers displayed on incurvy are for information purposes only and must be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes.

5. Conditions of Use for the Community

5.1 incurvy allows the user to create a profile with a valid email address or a Facebook account for free. The user can upload pictures, create content, save personal data (first name, last name, email address, username, password), combine products from incurvy to create an individual outfit, save favorite products, make comments on outfits of other members, see their profiles and follow them, which means different (interactive) features can be used for free.
5.2 Users are responsible for their content (such as statements, comments) and uploaded images themselves.
5.3 Eligibility and registration: Only persons aged 18 or over are allowed to register as a member and participate in the community. Users, who are younger than 18 years, require the consent of their parents or guardians to create a profile on incurvy. Incurvy reserves the right to request proof of consent by a parent or legal guardian. It is not allowed to register under a false identity and create profiles for other people or ,fake accounts'. incurvy has always the right to block users or delete content. There is no claim on the use of the shopping platform. Users can register for the community using an existing email address or an existing Facebook account. If a user is registering using an email address, the user will choose a password for the entry to the community. If a user is registering using a Facebook account, the password for the Facebook account will automatically become the password for the entry to the community. During the registration process, users will be asked to provide their forename, surname, sex, email address, username and password.
5.4 Privacy-related provisions apply, please see the Data Protection. The user agrees to the storage of data and their use for marketing campaigns, such as newsletter. User have always the possibility to delete their profiles at the community; this must be made in writing or by email. After removing the profile, incurvy will delete information and content, added by the user. This does not apply to contents that made during the membership, used and put online on social media platforms.
5.5 Users are not allowed to use, send or link to content as long as the content affects the rights of third parties (copyrights, patents, general rights, trademarks, rights to a name, etc.) and the applicable law such as the competition law. In addition, it is not permitted to pass personal login data or allow third parties to enter the account.

Community Rules

A community is a group of people with the same or similar interests and goals. To get in the community it is important to follow a few rules. Treat other members with respect, kindness, decency, show your own, unique style, always think of the copyright (do not use images that were not made by you, and if you still use them, make sure you write the source of the photos), make great outfits with high-quality pictures, use mainly full body shots to give other member the opportunity to see your looks from top till toe in order to be able to style like them and buy the items. In addition, name your outfit with an interesting and significant name and awake curiosity.

Prohibited Content at the Community

Swearwords, insults, profanities, threats, slanders, discriminatory, false claims, sexist, pornographic, glorifying violence, racist, right-wing, extremist or other criminal offense fulfilling content. Also prohibited is content that infringes the privacy or rights of third parties, promotes illegal behaviour, spam and illegal Internet behaviour, use of images of other people without their consent, spread of content with political, religious or ideological views. These points to forbidden contents have no claim to completeness (are not exhaustive). incurvy is not responsible for statements, comments on people, brands or partner shops. Any complaints about other users and/or its comment? Send us an email to